Travelling exhibits

VWM develops widely travelling exhibits in schools in Hanoi. This is the way that the museum engages closely with the public and creates an opportunity for students to access with documents, objects, images, and stories which has a link to the traditional magnanimous life and the struggles of the nation. Various and creative activities between the museum and teacher and students have been conducted, such as visiting the museum, meeting, sharing, and rehearsing a play, etc. Most of them attract students to take part in outdoor activities at schools.

Available travelling exhibits

  • Uncle Ho with women and children

The exhibits introduce 79 panels and images to illustrate the simple affection that Uncle Ho had for Vietnamese women and children.

  • “Children in War Time”

The exhibition introduces 73 true images about a life of deprivation and misery, moments of facing to die during the hard war time and feeling of the happiness of simple school life.

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