A woman composing music from her heart

Phan Thi Thanh Binh is a rare music composer of Vietnam’s music market at present with songs in praise of the homeland and aspirations for life. Her composition including 56 songs under three themes: “My heart calling the name of the country”, “Love drop remains” and “Like young children singing in life” is printed in the music book “Vietnam Flame & Aspiration”. Her songs such as “The Flame of the Age 20”, “Missing Uncle Ho in May”, “Saigon in my heart”, and “Singing from faraway island” are often selected by many singers in their singing competitions and repeatedly broadcast over radio and TV.

Love songs and songs in praise of the homeland by woman music composer Thanh Binh have left on listeners pure, fresh feelings, touching their hearts. In her songs, she praises heroes who are day and night devoted to defending independence and freedom of the nation including woman heroine, medical doctor Dang Thuy Tram in “The Flame of the Age 20”, island and sea soldiers in the song “Singing from faraway island”, to the renown general “Singing about the land of General Vo Nguyen Giap”, or our beloved President Ho Chi Minh in the song “Missing Uncle Ho in May”.


Songs in “Vietnam Flame & Aspiration” composed by Thanh Binh based on poems of many famous poets such as Xuan Quyn h, Bui Thanh Tuan, Van Khanh and Tan Viet have been engraved in the heart and mind of listeners across the country, bringing to them spiritual values, encouraging and nurturing their love for the homeland. As put it by Composer Tran Long An, President of Ho Chi Minh City Music Association: “Thanh Binh is a talented woman music composer; her music is always imbued with the breath of a new life. The topics of her composition are about martyr heroes and heroines, naval soldiers who are day and night defending the sacred territory of the homeland. Her music is young but very profound, inspired by the beauty of nature and people, who are grown up and creating for life and the country …”


Her music book is on display at the Exhibition “Women and Innovation 2015” on at Vietnamese Women’s Museum.