Exhibition “Women and Innovation 2015”

As usual, every two years, on Vietnam’s Women Day – October 20, the Vietnam Women’s Union organizes Vietnam Women Innovation Day. The event is to encourage and rekindle the spirit and capacity of innovation of Vietnamese women in all fields and to respond to the Movement “Women active in learning, production, innovation, and building of happy families”, contributing to building new rural areas and powerful and civilized country. It is also to praise and honor women’s innovations in all areas of activities and share experiences to be applied in life.

2015 is the third year Vietnam Women’s Union organizes Women Innovation Day. Taking part in this event are hundreds of entries of women from ministries, sectors, provinces, and cities throughout the country. The Organizing Committee has selected 90 entries to be put on a show at the Exhibition “Women and Innovation 2015” at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. Seven of these entries have won the 2013 Award and four won the Korean Innovation 2015 Award. They are leading products taking part in this exhibition in terms of innovation.

Innovative products are on display by sectors such as economics, education, and training, science and technology and culture, arts, and society with many diverse exhibits. From topics on renewal of teaching methods in education to research and manufacturing of products from agricultural by-products for housing decoration and use in industry or unique traditional brocade and arts and literary and poetic works, helping restore and preserve intangible cultural heritage.

These products have been turned out based on the realities of life and with passion and aspirations for innovation of women to improve the quality of life. Being sensitive to the market and with the desire to contribute to bringing joy to every family, the authors have been ceaseless in innovations and shown their talent, turning out products that may be small but of great significance. They are not only women scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs but also farmers, minority women, and even vulnerable women through the countries whose products on display have been highly appreciated by the Organizing Committee for their innovation and ideological values.

Visiting the Exhibition “Women and Innovation 2015”, visitors will have a deeper understanding and admiration of the talent and innovation of Vietnamese women who are responsible and capable in daily life, but very dynamic and proficient in business. The Exhibition “Women and Innovation 2015” once again affirms that Vietnamese women are good at innovation for national development. In each aspect of life, women have been and will shine. Women Innovation Day 2015 is a driving force, encouraging women to continue their efforts, innovations, and contributions.

The Exhibition “Women and Innovation 2015” will open on October 16, 2015, at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum.