Worshipping Mother Goddesses Performance at the Korean traditional cultural space

During the annual Sumundae Harmang cultural festival in Jeju Island, Korea, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum cooperated with the Festival Organizers Board to introduce the Worshipping Mother Goddesses – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Vietnam and performed Hau Dong. The Hau Dong delegates came from Mau Thoai Phuc Xa Linh Tu Temple in Long Bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Jeju is an autonomous island of Korea. It is famous for its unique natural environment and the legend of Goddess Sulmundae Harmang, the creator of life on the island. The annual festival is held in May to honor the Goddess and encourage people to love nature, love their country, love working and creativity. Besides, it is also an opportunity to connect with other feminist intangible cultural values from many countries such as: Japanese, Vietnam, China, Slovakia, America. This year, the cultural practices of the countries were performed at traditional Korean houses within the cultural village which is located in the complex of Jeju Rock Park, Jeju Rock Museum , and local Art Gallery.

Thực hành nghi lễ Hầu đồng

Hau dong ritual, preformed by the Vietnamese delegation was recorded by the local television after the Kut ritual of Korea. The coverage sharedthe folk culture of the two countries. The Vietnamese participants are knowledgeable of the Hau Dong ritual and shared the ritual withdomestic and overseas tourists. The Hau Dong ritual performance provided the opportunity to share cultural practices and interact with festival vistors as well as interaction between the participants and the Vietnamese Women’s Museum curators. Many local people expressed the desire to see more of the ritual and to visit the Vietnamese Women’s Museum to understand and experience more about Vietnamese culture.

Lãnh đạo Bảo tàng Phụ nữ Việt Nam trả lời phỏng vấn kênh truyền hình Jeju

The program was successful and left a good impression on the public in Korea. This activity is one way the museum connects with the public and provides the chance to celebrate International Museum Day 2018.