Young scientists are eager and creative at our “Science Party”

“I am very happy when I learn new things. I was especially excited to make ice cream by myself and I ended up really enjoying it. I find this is the most beneficial activity for me during my summer vacation. I want to explore more science topics!” shared Bao Phuc, showing her excitement. The other participants who took part in the “Science Party” of the STEAM Club at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum were also very enthusiastic. Young scientists explored the phenomenon of sublimation of dry ice and applied scientific knowledge to create very funny gas shells. Students collaborated to make ice cream by combining salt and ice and then skillfully shaking it, which ultimately created a delicious ice cream.

“Every kid is an innate scientist” – this can be seen by observing the kids who have learned 15 lessons with dozens of experiments at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum’s STEAM Club. Guided by teachers, students were encouraged to think and work by themselves to gain knowledge through easy, understandable, and fun experiments. The kids had the opportunity to see the museum objects such as a corn grinder, bamboo shoulder pole, bicycles, etc. They then conducted experiments on the propulsive force, balance, inertia, hydraulic power, and sound experience. Ms. Thu Hanh, Huy Khoi’s mother shared her feelings: “I have taken part in the club’s activities with my kid for 15 days. I find that my child is very excited about doing experiments. He is also more confident and active.”

The STEAM club will be organized annually for kids who are interested in scientific discovery at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. New projects will also be developed such as a project on biology and the human body. Thiswill help kids develop their mind, enrich their imagination, and give them familiarity with scientific research.

Some images at the final ceremony of the STEAM club: