Press Release: “Fukushima Festival in Ha Noi 2014”

Time: 23rd November 2014

Venue: Vietnamese Women’s Museum

No 36, Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi

Free Entrance

Fukushima is well-known to the Vietnamese people because of the recent tsunami and nuclear power station disasters that occurred in March 2011. These duel disasters almost destroyed this peaceful and beautiful city. Since then, the people of Fukushima have been living and working together to bring back the inherent beauty of this area.

To consolidate the bilateral relationship between Viet Nam and Japan, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, in cooperation with the Viet Nam–Fukushima Friendship Association, is proud to host the “Fukushima Festival in Ha Noi 2014”. This is the second Fukushima Festival to be held at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum and will focus on the spirit of Fukushima and contemporary Japanese culture.

The festival will feature a traditional Tea Ceremony, Kimono fashion shows, doll painting, Japanese comedy, flower arranging showcases, and an exhibition of Bonsai trees. Visitors will have a chance to participate in the exciting Yosakoi dance, and attend a Sake tasting experience. There will also be exhibitions and presentations from the International Art and Design College about popular Japanese Manga comics, including a demonstration on how to create comics.

– Poster exhibition about recovery after the tsunami and nuclear power station accident.
– A&D Manga Project Exhibition displaying famous Manga comics.

– Tea Ceremony: 8 shows from 10:00 AM to 3:10 PM

Show 1 10:00-10:25 Show 5 13:00-13:25

Show 2 10:35-11:00 Show 6 13:35-14:00

Show 3 11:10-11:35 Show 7 14:10-14:45

Show 4 11:45-12:10 Show 8 14:45-15:10


– Kimono fashion show: showing the Japanese traditional costume

– Yosakoi Dance: invite visitors to join the Japanese traditional dance.

 Rakugo: comic monologue by Tanabe Hiroyasu

*/ Booths
– Doll painting
– Demonstration of flower arrangement and Bonsai exhibition
– Nihonsyu Sake tasting experience
– Introduction of Nippon Higashi International School
– Introduction of FSG College League
– Introduction of Fukushima Japanese School
– Introduction of Fukushima University——————————-
Contact Mrs. Nhu Hoa (Phone number: 0948101082) for more details.