“Summer 2014” Activities at Vietnamese Women’s Museum on International Children’s Day

Many activities were held at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM) on June 1st, 2014 for children to welcome summer vacation and celebrate International Children’s Day. Hundreds of children felt excited, enthusiastic, and surprised when attending the “Summer 2014” event.


Authors of best models, most beautiful and creative, selected to be presented with gifts from the Organizing Board

Pham Gia Bao, a fourth-grader commented: “I love playing Lego. This morning I constructed a boat, but I was not very satisfied with it. After lunch, I asked my mother to take me back to the Museum. This is Boing 777 E300, I constructed for both passengers and cargos”.

Pham Gia Bao and his Boeing 777  


Children are keen on Questacon Models 

 Besides, children also enjoy paper works created by members of the Hanoi Origami Club and are given basic instructions of the arts.



Children concentrating on their works  

 Following the “Summer 2014” Event, an Origami club will be established at the Vietnam Women’s Museum for children 5 – 15 years during this summer. The Club will help children discover themselves and turn papers of all colors into their beautiful works with their dexterous hands.