The exhibition titled “Who made my clothes?” to celebrate the Fashion Revolution Week at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum

On April 22, the opening night of the Exhibition titled “Who made my clothes?” was organized at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum.

‘Who Made My Clothes?’ is a free exhibition as part of global Fashion Revolution Week between April 22 and April 28. This is the largest scale Fashion Revolution campaign in Vietnam yet. The exhibition invites people to view a showcase of Hanoian “fashion revolutionaries” who work to make clothing that is both sustainable and ethical. It displays works and installations by local artists and photographers, which highlight the need for safe and dignified working conditions for garment workers across the world in which 80% of them are women. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the human cost and impact of the fashion industry, and to share actions everyone can do to help. It will also showcase, celebrate and support local designers and makers, as well as sustainable fashion brands.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Ellen Downes, Country Coordinator for Fashion Revolution Vietnam said, “Fast fashion and consumerism are growing rapidly and too many garment workers, mostly women, are still underpaid, unsafe and mistreated. This exhibition celebrates local women who are revolutionizing the fashion industry in Vietnam and will provide tips and tools on how we can all help to make our wardrobes empower rather than exploit.”

The exhibition will be on display at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum from April 22 to April 28. Visitors can expect to experience documentary photo series, inspiring short films calling them to action; to learn new skills through varied workshops, and visualize the impact of fashion through interactive installations.

Below are photos taken at the opening night of the Exhibition: