Autumn Book Festival 2014

Autumn Book Festival 2014

1. Activity’s Name: “Autumn Book Festival 2014”

2. Aims:
The Autumn Book Festival includes varieties of events and activities which honor the reading culture and create the reading movement in the community in order to develop a learning society and knowledgeable economy in the integrating period. This is also a chance for the participating agencies to directly introduce new, interesting, and valuable books to readers.

3. Scale and participants
The “Autumn Book Festival 2014” will introduce about 15,000 book titles of different types: politics, culture, history, Vietnamese literature, foreign literature, economics, finance, foreign languages, universal knowledge, life skill education, sex education, healthcare, domestic science, childcare and education, pregnancy and childbirth, marriage and family, teenagers, children, etc. In the frame of the festival, there will have a lot of interactive activities with famous authors and prestigious translators in Vietnam and activities to introduce books which aimed to disseminate knowledge, educating life skill to young people and cultivating human values and community sense, etc. Besides, there will also be interesting and enjoyable recreation and entertainment programs to encourage book reading for children as well as book promotion time “Gold hour for donating books” and gifts to the participants.

4. Time and Venue:
Time: Wednesday, 8th Oct – Sunday, 12th Oct (05 days)
Venue: 36 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Opening time: 8 am to 9.30 pm
Opening Ceremony: 9 am, 9th Oct, 2014

Closing Ceremony: 9pm, 12th Oct, 2014

5. Main Activities
Thursday, 9th Oct
3pm– 5pm Interaction “Discover the world with Kim Dong Publishing House”
Content: introducing the book collection “Hunting treasures together” (60mins)
Students at primary schools 2nd meeting room
Kim Dong Publishing House
Inviting some experts talk and organize games to discover some countries.
Friday, 10th Oct Afternoon
6 – 7pm Interaction between the writer Phan Hon Nhien and readers in Hanoi on the book “Iron Horse”
Hotel in Hanoi 2nd meeting room Young Publishing House
Saturday, 11th Oct
10 – 11am Interaction with three writers Nguyen Viet Ha, Tran Chien and Nguyen Ngoc Tien on the book “History of Hanoi” Participants at the festival 2nd meeting room Young Publishing House
4 – 6pm Drawing Class “I draw the world”
Content: introducing a set of books “Drawing to new methods” Students at primary schools Museum’s Outer Hall Kim Don g Publishin g House
Sunday, 12th Oct Morning
9 – 11.30 am Discussion and making debut the book
Interaction with the translator Ngo Ha Thu and introduction of the Novel “Elenor and Park” (and other books for teenagers such as “A crack-brained person on the other side of road”, Foursome “Xan Nightmare”, etc)
Students, pupils and readers tầng 2
2nd meeting room Women Publishing House
4 – 6pm Introduction of the new books “Legendary of wings” and “XXX Holic”
Duration time: 120minutes Students at Secondary schools 2nd Meeting room
Kim Dong Publishin g House
Materials: Wings and XXX Holic

6. Contact:
* Nguyen Thi Kim Hang (Department of Communication, Women Publishing House)
Cellphone: 0986082018
– Email:

In addition, updated information is available on fanpage of the Women’s Publishing House, Vietnamese Women’s Museum

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