Connection value from historical stories

The exhibition “Truong Son Pride” has received a lot of affection since its opening from the public, foreign guests and especially the veterans who have spent their youth for the country. The casual and ordinary stories about the lives of the girls in the Truong Son forest not only raised emotions for visitors but also helped us connect with historical witnesses.

Mr. Le Van Thao (Hanoi) a visitor shared: “Truong Son Pride” exhibition made me very touched and also reminded me of the image of an aunt who once served in the military”. The stories of the female soldiers and youth volunteers on display at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum were told to his aunt, and by chance, she was also a military nurse serving on Ho Chi Minh trail. Taking out wartime memorabilia, she told him the memories of the days of fire.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mien, the aunt of Mr. Le Van Thao, was a medical nurse from the 559 Group. She visited the exhibit with her and gave her medical equipment to the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. During the six years of working on Ho Chi Minh trail (1968-1974), Mrs. Mien used medical equipment to treat a lot of wounded soldiers and youth volunteers. This was a difficult time for her, but also is a time that she is very proud of. “The most memorable event was when the oil and gas pipe broke and burned, the scene was so terrible, over 30 officers and soldiers were wounded, burned very badly. The emergency members tried very hard to treat to the soldiers”- Mrs. Mien shared. Listening to her stories about the battlefields and the urgent times, we – the museum officials, value the historical content contained in the artifacts she donated even more, and feel responsible to conserve the artifacts and introduce the heritage to the public.

Portrait photo of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mien in the military

The Board of Directors and Museum staff received artifacts from Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mien and her family.

Mrs. Mien and her family visited the exhibition