“Doubt and Believe” Exbihition

MAM-ART Projects with two co-sponsors Mercedes-Benz Vietnam and CUC Gallery proudly present the dual exhibition ‘Doubt and Believe’ of two artists Nguyen Son and Richard Streitmatter – Tran.

Two artists represent a new young promising artist generation of Vietnam who has shared a common background of deep Vietnam root but have different upbringings, hence, very different approaches to art but somehow they contrast and complement each other’s arts in many surprising ways.

It is the story of the seemingly opposite art rationales merging into one – a story in which many can find their own struggles and inspirations come into enlightenment, where ‘Doubt and Believe’ are the two essential components in order for an artist’s success – to find his own true identity and mark his step onto an ever-growing and changing art world.

MAM – Art projects become one of our pioneer long term project series of Menifique Art Museum (MAM) to introduce to the public a diversity of young contemporary art practices ranging from painting and sculpture, to installation, film and video, photography, new media, performance art and sound art of not only Vietnam but also international art world. From this unique experience, the public can come to understand and relate to the national aesthetic and social context of Vietnam as well as other regions around the world. It’s the beginning of a long-term project to connect the contemporary art made in Vietnam with the international art world.

Art is the way we look at our own reality. This project in Hanoi will be a testimony in the future to show how Vietnam is open to the world, and how this potential will be an inflection point to develop also the young artists in this country.

The exhibition will be open from 12th November to 3rd December 2013 at Vietnamese Women’s Museum

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