Feedback from the public on the exhibition “Stories of Markets”

Feedback from the public on the exhibition “Stories of Markets”

Almost a month has gone by since the time the exhibition ‘‘Stories of Markets“ opened, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum has received thousands of visitors to view and experience the display. Visitors included foreign and domestic individuals and groups, especially many families who live in Hanoi of which there comprised many elderly people. From the feedback of visitors, we know that most of them has a common feeling: that the exhibition “Stories of Markets“ reminded them of their childhood memories, life in the past and the present as well also their anxiety and concern on the changes and the dissappearance of market places – a typical cultural aspect of Hanoi.

We would like to quote some comments from the hundreds visitors who wrote their thoughts after visiting the exhibition “Stories of Markets”.

“The most meaningful exhibition I’ve ever seen. Thank you to the people who gave ideas and made the exhibition come true. From the exhibition, let us think about the interest of buyers and sellers”.

“Beautiful, impressive and memories come back when seeing the section Market in the past. Photographs in the section Market at present and people’s ideas are so interesting and relevant “

(Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mai – 67 years old)

“Shopping is a need and joy of every one. Going shopping is not only for buying and selling but also for getting to know more about regional and local cultures. It would be a mistake if we broke down traditional market to build new one”.

(Mrs. Ngoc Lan – retired teacher)

“Visiting the exhibition reminds me of the past time. The exhibition is very interesting and meaningful for old generations and their children to understand more about a past time”

(Mrs. Thu Ha)

“I am so impressed with the exhibition “Stories of Markets”. The exhibition brings so much emotion to me. Let’s maintain market culture together”.

“Everyone expects to buy fresh food. Please maintain local markets “

(Hilary from Hamilton, Canada)

“Malls are not the advancement. Markets on the ground are what people really need and like. Selling at the reasonable price would make market become trustable address for customers”.

(Scott Macleod, Marh 2014 – New Zealand, Malaysia)

Visitors of the exhibition “Stories of Markets”



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