General of Vietnam Tourism Agency visits Vietnamese Women’s Museum

With the aim to engage the Vietnam Tourism Agency and museums,  Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, General of Vietnam Tourism Agency, visited and had a talk with the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM). Mr. Nguyen Qui Phuong, Head of Travel Department, and Mr. Nguyen The Hung, Head of Vietnam Heritage Department of Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism also participated in the visit.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Van, Director of VWM reported the museum’s activities and its renovation in recent time and expressed that the Tourism Agency cares about the museum in connecting the museum with travel agencies in order to attract a lot of visitors, both domestic and overseas visitor to come to see the museum.
After seeing the new permanent as well as temporary exhibitions and museum’s services, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan evaluated “I am really impressed and surprised that the museum has done for recent years. I found out that the museum has lots of strengths. It is a new approach to the exhibition. All exhibitions are displayed according to international trends. Exhibit contents are very interesting, close, and moved and especially its contents are not rough and often show political missions like other museums. I am also impressed by the exhibition “Shining Night” because the museum truthfully reflects all women’s aspects, both good and bad sides in society. It is a strive to make a living and overcome their destiny to earn a living.
An advantage of the museum is lying at the center of Hanoi and then all its service activities will meet visitors’ needs which creates a big chance for travel agencies to take visitors to come to the museum.
In order to attract visitors, especially tours to visit the museum, Mr. Tuan also suggested that the museum should implement many cultural activities and plan for the communication strategy to promote its image such as develop service for traditional food or turn the museum shop into a center that provides souvenir gifts showing unique of Vietnamese women as well as organize shows such as ca tru singing or chau van to serve for visitors’ demand about Vietnamese culture.
At the end of the visit, leaders of VWM showed deep gratitude General of Vietnam Tourism Agency, Head of Travel Agency and Department of Vietnam Heritage cared about the museum and shared their experiences, knowledge as well as suggestions for activities that museum should do in the coming time. The museum director board also showed their determination in order to meet travel agencies’ needs and turn the museum into an attractive destination for both domestic and oversea visitors in the future.