Heroic Mothers of Vietnam

The battle for the reunification of the country could not have been accomplished without the silent sacrifices of the women, whose children and husbands died for their home country.

In recognition of their sacrifice on 24th September 1994, the Permanent Committee of the National Assembly established the honorary title of “Heroic Mothers of Vietnam”, which was granted to woman, who had lost more than two children, their only child, their husband and two children or their own life and the ones of two children.
In December 2008, almost 50,000 women received the title, some posthumously. Nguyen Thi Thu from Quang Nam lost ten children and two grandchildren; Pham Thi Ngu and Nguyen Thi Ranh from Ho Chi Minh City lost eight children and were also awarded the title of “Hero of the Popular Armed Forces”.
Compensation was given to these honored mothers such as accomodation or pensions.
Mother Thu’s statue in Quảng Nam Province
M Mother Tran Thi Quang Man “Western  empress” disguising man to join the army