I deeply admire Vietnamese women in wartime as well as peacetime

Madam Phoukham Tounalom, the Secretary of Vientiane’s Party Committee from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, during a visit at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum on the morning of August the 11th, 2022.

During the Vientiane Capital Delegation’s visit to Hanoi, once again, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum was selected as the destination to learn about the cultural and historical values of Vietnamese women.

Madam and the members of the delegation were interested in the marriage and birth practices of Vietnamese people. In particular, they were interested in the wedding ceremonies and the custom of spreading mats for the bride and groom. These practices shared many similarities with Lao culture. The unique features of Vietnamese folk religion, on display at the exhibition space “Mother Goddess Worship”, left deep impressions on the delegation. The delegation also enjoyed listening to the story of Mrs Nguyen Thi Dinh, formrer Vice President of the Vietnam’s Council of State and the leader of “Vietnam’s legendary long-haired army”. Mrs Nguyen Thi Dinh is the typical representative for the resilient and indomitable image of Vietnamese women.

Lady Phoukham Tounalom visits the exhibits at the Museum

Madam and members of the delegation spent time learning about Mother Goddess Worship

Madam Phoukham Tounalom and the delegation took souvenir photos at the solemn pavilion of the Museum

At the end of the visit to the Museum, Ms. Phoukham Tounalom said: “I am very impressed after visiting the Vietnam Women’s Museum, I have understood more about traditional values ​​or simple stories in the lives of Vietnamese women”. Madam Phoukham also expressed her hope to return to the Museum to continue listening and sharing cultural and historical stories during her next visit to Vietnam.