On the 55th anniversary of the Dong Loc Victory and the death of ten young volunteer girls (1968-2023), and 93 years of the Vietnam Women’s Union’s Establishment and Vietnamese Women’s Day, on October 20th, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM) officially launched the unique experiencing show “Legends of Youth” at the VWM at night.

The atmosphere at the experiencing show “Legends of Youth”

Addressing at the show “Legends of Youth”, Vice Chairwoman of the VWU Nguyen Thi Minh Huong shared her thought: During the struggle for national independence and unification, there were lands and people who became legendary, and there had a variety of names were marked in history where the Vietnamese women was always present. Legends of Youth will be a lively program to help us better understand the patriotism and spirit of resilience and courage to fight against foreign invaders of Vietnamese women.

Madam Nguyen Thi Minh Huong, Vice Chairwoman of VWU addressing at the show

She shared at the show: “I would like to praise the initiative of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum for researching and organizing an experiential program with historical educational value. This profound. The program really helped us live, experience and partly share with the youthful girls who heroically sacrificed at Dong Loc Junction. Through this program, I especially believe that the VWM will better perform its educational function and bring emotional experiences to the public.”

Happy moments of young girls

The special experience show “Legends of Youth” is a joint product between the Vietnamese Women’s Museum and scriptwriter and staging director Le Quy Duong with the purpose of recreating the image of the heroic squad of Vietnamese soldiers. 10 young volunteer girls at Dong Loc Junction sacrificed bravely, contributing to maintaining the vital traffic route in the war against the American to protect the country when they were only eighteen to twenty years old.

Being afraid when witnessing their colleagues’ death

The experience program is one of the ideas that the Vietnamese Women’s Museum has cherished for many years with the desire to enhance the museum’s activities in carrying out its mission of propagandizing and educating historical traditions of Vietnamese women to the domestic and international public. Along with the regular exhibition system, the program will be a connection and supplement to interactive activities to enhance the experience for the public and visitors wishing to learn about stories associated with women’s history. Vietnamese women.

VWM Director and Stage director Le Quy Duong

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, Director of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum shared: “The highlight of the program is recreating the historical story of heroic Vietnamese girls, exuding youth and fighting spirit.” The fight will take place in the museum space, where many memorabilia and images of flowers on the front lines of the battlefield are connected and displayed. We hope that the Vietnamese Women’s Museum will continue to be a familiar destination, where there are always many attractive experiential activities for the public.”

Carrying out the task of leveling bomb craters.

The 60-minute program in the context of a fierce battlefield space will be recreated using imaging technology and 3D effects with bomb craters, A-shaped bunkers, and a road to overcome. key points, artillery battlefields and images of convoys carrying goods and troops to battle.

The love of life of young girls after work

According to director Le Quy Duong: “I want the audience to experience and immerse themselves in the atmosphere like living in those days. They will sit in the middle of the battlefield space of Dong Loc Junction, be part of the show interacting with the actors while the surrounding sounds of troops marching, the sound of vehicles accelerating past key points, the rumbling sound of bombs exploding and echoing the words of the girls’ song that paved the way.”

5 tons of soil were brought from Dong Loc T-Junction to make the stage.

Specially, 5 tons of soil were transferred from Dong Loc Junction to the Vietnamese Women’s Museum by the program construction team with the gratitude of the world. Today’s event is for those who have fallen for their country and wishes to let the public have the most genuine and profound emotions in the program.

Actors participating in the program “Legends of Youth” are aged 18-24, exactly the same age as the 10 female martyrs who volunteered at Dong Loc Junction. The casting process focuses on honesty, emotion and sensitivity to the role. Each character has highlights that depict their own personality and psychology, but what they always have in common is the innocence, love of life, living with ideals and the gentleness and resilience of Vietnamese women.

With genuine emotions, the experience program “Legends of Youth” tells the story of immortal flowers, conveying a strong message to future generations about the spirit of “Living a life worth living” will continue. will continue to be widely introduced to domestic and international audiences and tourists in the near future at the stage of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, 36 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Let’s look back at some pictures of the show:

Delegates taking part in the event

Receiving the girls’ property declaration and wishes after reunifying the country

Daily activities of ten girls

Participants at the event

Participant’s comment