Meeting with travels agents at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum

On the morning, May 23rd the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM) cooperated with the Vietnam Tourism Association to organize a meeting with the theme: “The VWM – An attractive destination for City Tour”. A lot of travel agents in Hanoi participated in the meeting. This is one of the efforts of the VWM with the aim to promote and advertise Vietnamese women’s traditional history and culture to domestic and overseas visitors. By organizing the meeting, the museum wants to seek chances for cooperation opportunities and integrate into tour programs with the travel agents in order to attract tourists.

This is the third time the museum has actively organized the meeting with the travel agents after four years of renovation and it was finished in 2010. In spite of being regarded as one of the dynamic,  innovative, and go-ahead museums, the museum always determines to listen to the travel agencies’ advice and proposals in order that the museum could change and create a cultural tourism product with high quality and efficiency.

Addressing at the meeting, Mr. Vũ Thế Bình, Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association, said: “The VWM has seen tremendous growth. The museum combination between the traditional culture of the nation with the image of Vietnamese women. It is  a wonderful approach.” He also gave some optimistic orientations at the meeting: “The Vietnam Tourism Association and travel agents will join hands with the VWM to develop campaigns to attract domestic tourists and especially international tourists. Therefore, the museum will become familiar and natural to tourists”. He also emphasized: “ To achieve these goals, the museum has to renovate incessantly, choose more active themes for temporary exhibitions and has more campaigns to promote its image and brand to attract tourists.”

Ms. Lê Giang, Deputy Director of Hanoitourist shared her thoughts at the meeting: “The museum is very modern and suits to international tourists, especially European tourists. I was impressed by displaying objects and some experience spaces for visitors which rarely appears in some Vietnam museums.”. Most travel agents agreed that the museum has plentiful and diversified contents with attractive and interesting objects which are arranged and displayed very creatively. Therefore, it is easy to enter city tour programs. Besides, the museum also received a lot of suggestions from travel agents to organize more practical, friendly and suitable activities at the museum to meet the tourists’ demand such as organize special activities related to cultural heritage values, exploring the Vietnamese cuisine, enhancing school programs for tourism development, and performing folk art, etc.

On behalf of the VWM, the management board honorably listened to all advice and suggestions from travel agents to adjust and develop strategies for cooperation with tourism associations and travel agents to attract tourists in the future.

The meeting created a lot of chances for the museum. One of the most things is to integrate more tightly with the tourism sector and tourism association because they could promote the WVM’s image and bring tourists to the museum more and more effectively.

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