Official Launching Summer Scientific Discovery at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum

After finishing a hard scholastic year, June presents an exciting summer for the kids. And then, the kids of the STEAM club at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum welcomed the summer vacation with much enjoyment and excitement.

With great excitement and expectation , today June 5th, the STEAM club was officially launched at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. With the aim of gaining an active acquisition of knowledge and independant thought, on the first day, the students studied the state of matter. It was filled with a lot of fun and many cheers when they did experiments by themselves to explain natural phenomena by scientific means in order to understand that which takes place every day. Student Nguyen Gia Huy, member of the STEAM club shared this observation: “The knowledge in this course is familiar and easy to remember”. Apart from gaining knowledge, other skills are things that the students practice when they participate in this club: discipline, the spirit of working in a team, how to use tools and do experiments safely are also carefully fostered, which student Van Trinh felt and expressed as:“I think I am working like a scientist”

The class finished when each student has a piece of lime in their hands (a handmade toy) which was made by themselves. They laughed continuously “I like studying this course, studying is very interesting and I made many experiments. I look forward to the next class”, shared by Quoc Nam.

Parent Bui Hai Yen shared her feeling “Thanks to the Vietnamese Women’s Museum for creating a useful summer playground for the kids and seperating them voluntarily and excitedly, from the use of Ipads and mobile phones.

Some images of the class:

Atmosphere of the class is always exciting

Experiments fluctuating from liquid to gas