Painting Exhibition “Vietnam Through My Eyes”

40 paintings by Soraya Runckel expressing the beauty of Vietnam and its people will be displayed in the temporary exhibition room of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum from December 8th to December 10th 2015.

Soraya Runckel was born in Bangkok, Thailand to a well-known family of architects. She loved art from a young age and painted with different materials, including watercolour, ink, acrylic, and Chinese brush. “Soraya is a talented painter across different mediums”, that is a comment about her exhibition in London.

Soraya lived in Hanoi between 1993 and 1996, as her husband was the first American diplomat sent to Vietnam after the war. In the exhibition “Vietnam Through My Eyes”, several paintings reflect the diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and America during this time. In her paintings, the nature and people of Vietnam are vivid and full of energy.

Soraya Runckel’ paintings have been displayed internationally: Thailand (1987 – 2014), the US (2004), China (1999), Vietnam (1995) and the UK (1990).