Practical sessions on history at the Exhibition “Dien Bien Memories” by Trung Vuong School Children

Study-cum-practice and museum to be used as an interesting learning place are what schools and museums are targeting in their organization of educational activities for children, particularly in the subject of history. During the time the exhibition “Dien Bien Memories” was on at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM), Trung Vuong Lower Secondary School took its school children to visit the exhibition as an extra-curriculum session, very useful and practical.

Knowing the purpose of the session, the Museum narrators tried to support the teachers to make the children’s visit more enjoyable and interesting. Instead of lecturing and learning passively, teachers suggested many issues relating to the Dien Bien Phu Campaign for students to tell what they have learned and their reflections. Uncle Ho and General Vo Nguyen Giap were often mentioned by them with respect and pride from the bottom of their heart.

The students had very impressive presentations on the Dien Bien Phu Campaign, mentioning: Dien Bien Valley, French troops parachuting, our army disassembling cannon parts to be easily transported, our army rigging up dummies to deceive the enemy, Him Lam Battlefield, A1 Battlefield… Suggested questions have helped them to present their ideas and their understanding amidst warm encouragement from their classmates.

In addition, the students also grasped historical details of the anti-French war of resistance of our people and army such as: running ABC classes against the illiteracy enemy, the movement of jars containing rice savings to fight the famine enemy, people carrying loads of foods on their shoulders and cargo bicycles to transport foods to serve the army in the battlefields … And for the first time, besides their theoretical knowledge learned in class, they see with their own eyes cargo transport bicycles, pairs of bamboo baskets used for carrying rice, Jars of rice of the Movement of rice savings, photos showing first aid given to wounded soldiers in the battlefields, portraits of women fighters in the past and now … They are historical witnesses and objects very sacred and precious, helping the children understand deeper what happened in history.

Huynh Mai Anh, of 6M Grade, commented: “I am very happy to visit the exhibition “Dien Bien Memories” because it helps me know more about how courage our grandparents and parents fought to win this historic victory”.

For her part, Nguyen Quynh Chi was very moved to read the story of former women fighter Ms. Nguyen Thi Be displayed in the exhibition that says “When she was 22 years old, she was appointed head of the squad of cargo transport bicycle women. In one of her missions, she was given a bicycle loaded with 360 kg of foods to be transported from Thanh Hoa to Son La province”.

Dao Thu Tra, a 6th grader, has this impression: “I feel very happy and proud when visiting the exhibition. I also admired those soldiers, laborers, and particularly nurses who had day and night care for wounded soldiers”.

Some images of school children visiting the exhibition: