The memorial flow of “Love in the time of war”

“War” – a word, when mentioned, provokes the image of brutality and separation. A memorial to the generation who participated in two resistance wars against France and America. To the generation who sacrificed their souls and blood for their independence and the freedom of their nation. To the generation’s power to overcome those days with the pure and sacred love for their nation.

Let the memorabilia of love stay eternal

On the 27th of July 2022, The Vietnamese Women’s Museum celebrates 75 years since the Vietnam war Invalids and Martyrs Day that was held on the 27th of July 1947. On the 22nd of July 2022, The Vietnamese Women’s Museum coordinated with the “Soldiers’ Heart” Club, Truong Son Female Soldiers Association and the VietNam Environment and Urban Online Magazine. This collaboration supported the organization of the exhibition. Awarding artifacts and exchanging witnesses of history held up the theme of “love in the time of war”.

The event is honored to welcome the participation of Mr Pham Dinh Phong, the Deputy Director of the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Ass. Professor PhD Do Van Tru, the Chairman of Association of Vietnam Cultural Heritage, the former Leaders of the Vietnamese Women’s Union, the Board of administration of the Soldiers’ Hear Club and the Truong Son Female Soldiers Association.

The anniversary of the Invalids and Martyrs day is organized in the exhibition, “Love in the time of War” because the space is powerful and comfortable. The exhibition consists of 12 emotional and meaningful stories through letters, images and diaries. These items are the memorabilia of loves in bomb, bullets, distance and separation. These memorabilias are just some of the many love stories and comradeship in bombs, storms and fire that the Vietnamese Women’s Museum has gathered and continues to gather.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the exhibition “Love in the time of war”

The event is a heartfelt memorial from the Vietnamese Women’s Museum to show our gratitude, honor and love for Vietnamese soldiers. With the desire to preserve memorabilias of love and memories, tales of the Vietnamese Youth will be brought to the public’s attention. The Vietnamese Women’s Museum will continue on the journey of gathering artifacts associated with the themes of love and war. It is an honor to be at this event. The museum received memorabilias and artifacts from relatives of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the past, who are also the loving and supportive companions to the missions of the museum. Ms Nguyen Thi Tuyet, the Director of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, was at the ceremony and said, “Each of the stories has their own context and characters; however, all of them bring sincere feelings so that each and every one of us, especially the youth will admire and cherish the memories of love in war that belong to our grandparents more.”

Visitors at the exhibit “Love at the time of war”

Sincere feelings from “Love in the time of war”

Each story and artifact in the exhibition carries personal memories and recollections of a horrendous time. The memories reappeared in the tales and sharing of historical witnesses and figures in the exhibition. This highlights the direct meaning of this event. Some survived, some faithfully returned to their houses, some sacrificed and never returned. There are beautiful loves that are divided by the brutal war. Despite this division, there are moments of love from many soldiers and Vietnamese maidens that have contributed to the great victory of our people.

A talk show with historical witnesses

Mrs Nguyen Thi Hong Nhan and her stories “A choice between love or family duty”

Spouse of Mrs Nguyen Thi Chung and Colonel  Nguyen Thuan Quang overcame difficulties hand in hand through the war. They returned to daily life and worked together to build a happy family.

The exhibition is displayed at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum and is open to the public from July 22, 2022.