Toro Kingdom’s Prime Minister visiting VWM

Toro Kingdom’s Prime Minister visiting VWM

Toro Kingdom’s Prime Minister Steven Kaliba and Crown Prince Jag We Ali have just paid a visit to the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM) during his stay in Vietnam for the UN Vesak 2014 to be held in Ninh Binh province. The VWM is a gender museum having the functions of research, preservation, protection, and exhibition of tangible and intangible heritage artifacts on history and culture of Vietnamese women and the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) and is a center for cultural exchanges between Vietnamese and international women for gender equality, development, and peace.

During the visit made on his first day in Vietnam, the Prime Minister and his entourage showed their enjoyment and nice surprise to the exhibitions and interesting stories, through photos and artifacts and expressed their admiration for Vietnamese women’s great contribution and role in history and at present.

After the visit, the Prime Minister and his entourage had a working session with Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, Vice President of the Vietnam Women’s Union. Both sides discussed the role of women in cultural and social life in each country. On behalf of the VWU, Ms. Tuyet shared with the delegation many activities of the Union on gender equality, women’s participation in economic development and building happy families, and women’s role in management and leadership. For his part, the Toro Prime Minister stressed the importance of his Kingdom and other African countries in empowerment for women and the enhancement of women’s political and social status.

The Toro Prime Minister said he was moved at the warm welcome and hospitality given to him and his entourage by the Vietnam Women’s Union and Vietnamese Women’s Museum. He also expressed his wish to establish development cooperation with the VWU in order to enhance the role of women in the Toro Kingdom in culture, society, and agriculture. He hoped that with similar activities undertaken by the Vietnam Women’s Union in encouraging and supporting women in economic development, Toro Kingdom can learn and share precious experiences with the Vietnam Women’s Union in this field.

Followings are some photos taken during the Toro Kingdom’s Prime Minister and his entourage’s visit to VWM:



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