Vision Award for Inspiring women at the Vietnamese Women Museum

On the morning of October 8th, the Hanoi International Women Club (HIWC) hosted the event “ Vision Award for Inspiring Women” at the VWM. Participants at the event were Ms Konstantina Kolovou, President of HIWC, Ms Nguyen Thi Tuyet, Vice Director of the VWM, representatives of the embassies in Vietnam as well as HIWC members.

This was the fourth times the VWM and HIWC united to launch this event. It was also the outstanding event at the same time in which the Vietnam Women’s Union celebrates the 90th anniversary of its establishment.

For “Vision 2020”, HIWC’s awardee this year was Nguyen Minh Chau. As a disabled woman, she has dedicated her life to projects which enhance the social awareness of the rights and opportunities for the disabled. She has also taught and trained in violence prevention for kids and disabled women. As a speaker talking on a variety of national channels, she focuses on themes of people with disabilities and gender inequality.

Inspired by her smile and ambition, both disabled and non-disabled people overcame their obstacles and gained successes. Addressing the event, Ms Chau said “I am surprised to receive such an amazing award since there were various outstanding women, who were nominated for this prize. Today I am so auspicious and I hope we will have more positive changes on the issues of disabled people. I want to make some changes, so I take part in TV shows without the aim of fame. I come to many universitities to guide disabled students on how to dance, make crafts, and soft skills, as I like to prove that people with disabilities in Vietnam have not only moving and sad stories, but also we have different aspects.”

For many years, the VWM has been concerned and displayed stories of Vietnamese women’s dedication and outstanding women in contemporary life. The event “Vision Award for Inspiring Women” hosted at the museum was also one of the museum activities which shows deeply the VWM’s mission and roles to reflect women’s development and changes in many aspects today.

Below are photos taken at the event:

Ms. Konstantina Kolovou – President of HIWC shows her feeling when participating at the event

M.s Nguyen Thi Tuyet, VWM Vice Director addresses at the event

Ms. Nguyen Minh Chau, Winner of the 2020 Vision Award for Inspiring Women