VWM Logo – An Effective Communication Tool

VWM Logo – An Effective Communication Tool

Logo is important for branding of an organization and an effective tool for marketing to the public. For this reason, to promote and market itself, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum has developed its new logo representing its own identity, showing the full significance of the brand name “Vietnamese Women’s Museum” and contributing to developing its new image: dynamism, modernity and professionalism.

Significance of the logo 

In the trend of internationalization, using English as a common language of communication worldwide, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum takes the abbreviation of its name in English – VWM for its logo design. The three letters VWM are structured and arranged vertically and stylized in an artistic way, creating a round block and making the logo firm and beautiful while maintaining its suppleness and feminity. The logo was designed based on basic colours used in the graphics of the museum’s permanent exhibitions. The three abbreviation letters are presented in three colours –violet, red and orange in the principle of mixing to different colour levels. Under the three letters VWM is the name of the museum in three languages: Vietnamese, English and French – Bảo tàng Phụ nữ Việt Nam, Vietnamese Women’s Museum, and Musée des Femmes du Vietnam

Principles of the logo use 

When using the new VWM logo, some principles must be applied: Only the original logo designed by Patrick Hoarau and decided by the VWM leaders is used. Thus, the new logo is symbolized by the museum’s abbreviation name VWM in Miriad Pro/Bold white, using Pantone. The full name of the museum is written in three languages: Vietnamese, English and French. The logo colours must be used exactly. The logo must be placed in the context relating to VWM activities. It cannot be used without agreement from the Vietnamese Women’s Museum.

However, during using the logo for each product, the overall logo design must be kept while the name of the museum in three languages can be presented flexibly. Depending on each background colour on which the logo is placed, corresponding and suitable colours should be used.

Use of the logo in VWM
The designed logo has been used on all communication materials of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum such as catalogues, brochures, exhibition panels, exhibition films …
On the big outside glass wall to show VWM identity and attract passers-by and visitors to the museum…
On souvenir products at VWM shop such as bags, bookmark, scarves, mugs…
On the uniforms of VWM staffs, transaction documents, envelopes, cards, letter papers, admission tickets …
Effect of logo use
In deed, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum has established its new image through the use of logo on all its products. It is a positive communication sign through feedbacks of domestic and international visitors.
“It is a very nice logo and excellent idea for design. The colours are very symbolic”.
Johanna, Germany
“The logo design is artistic and represents the abbreviation of the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. It is a very creative idea. The colours are beautiful and highly symbolic, with the woman image in it”.
    Đào Lê Thanh 

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