Workshop: Introducing Green Living to the Local Community

Workshop: Introducing Green Living to the Local Community

In the project “Networking and Exchange on Sustainable Urban Development and Ecological Design” (Green Living for short), the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM) in collaboration with Action Center for City Development (ACCD) conducted a workshop to introduce green living concepts to people within the local community.

The workshop was held at the VWM. Attending were representative from Vietnam Women’s Union, Women’s Union, and Green Living Team leader of Hoang Mai District, Long Bien District and Phuc Tan Ward, ACCD project officers, and VWM staff. The workshop’s purposes were to introduce the green living program to people in the community of the project areas as well as the Hanoi community in general. The green living program included six topics: garbage, water savings, energy savings, the wise consumer, home safety, and health. The project will encourage people to live friendly with the environment through specific activities related to each topic.

The participants experienced interesting activities such as: learning about the green living through the project collaborator; asking riddles and getting rewards; drawing about Hanoi and E earth’s future related to the Green Living program. The message of the program was widely transmitted to participants through group discussions, meeting hall gatherings, and hands-on participation.

At the end of the workshop participants developed ideas for the Living Green program and built working plans for the next period.

This Living Green program was viewed as an introduction to upcoming activities.

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