“You inspire us to build a Women’s Museum in Russia”

On the afternoon of July 21, 2019, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum introduced the Exhibition titled “The Friendship of Russia and Vietnam” to the public. This is part of the Forum “Women of Russia and Vietnam join hands to promote sustainable development” organized by the Vietnamese Women’s Union on the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on basic principles of the Vietnamese and Russian relations (1994 – 2019) and 70 years of establishing the Russian-Vietnamese diplomatic relations (1950-2020). The Museum was honored to welcome Madam Tran Thi Huong – Vice President of the Vietnamese Women’s Union, delegation of the Vietnamese Women’s Union and 20 women in different areas of expertise from the Russian Federation.

A representative group of women from Russia with the delegation of the Vietnamese Women′s Union at the Exhibition

Consisting of three main themes: President Ho Chi Minh – the Initiator of Friendship between Vietnam and Russia, The Soviet Union’s support in the cause of national liberation and Building the Vietnam – Russia solidarity, the Exhibition depicts the milestones in the journey of building diplomatic relations between the two countries since the Vietnam War until now. The support and help of Russian people and women to the Vietnamese are acknowledged in each field.

On behalf of the female delegates from Russia, Mrs. Irina Umnova – Chairman of the International Fund for Peace titled “A Peaceful Journey” and Head of the Legal Constitution Research Department of Russian Judicial University shared a lot of interesting insights that she and her delegates learned from the Exhibition. She also showed her patriotism and pride for the two countries’ deep diplomatic relations. “This Exhibition is comprehensive in many ways, and most importantly, it brings great valuable lessons to young people of the two countries, including those in my delegation,” Mrs. Umnova emphasized.

The Russian Female Delegates took a tour around the Exhibition

During the time at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, the delegation also visited other floors at the Museum to learn about the cultural and historical values of Vietnamese women. They experienced levels of emotion throughout their visit: the joy they found in cultural stories of different ethnic groups, and the sadness and admiration of young Vietnamese women who fought until death for the liberation of the country. Especially, the stories about the Vietnamese Mothers whose sons died on the battlefield captured the hearts of young female delegates.

Russian delegates experienced different levels of emotion while visiting the Vietnamese Women’s Museum

Mrs. Irina Umnova – Head of the Russian Delegation shared her thoughts with the Museum’s tour guide

The Vietnamese Women’s Museum is beautiful and meaningful on a great scale. There is no women’s museum in Russia. You inspire us to be the initiators of building a women’s museum in Russia because it doesn’t matter where they come from, women deserve to be respected.” That was the message of Mrs. Umnova and the delegates after the tour around the Museum as she hoped that women of both countries would continue to support and cooperate, especially in the fields of cultural exchange and gender equality.