Pupils watched “Tuong performance” at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum

Pupils watched “Tuong performance” at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum

More than 1,200 pupils from Nhat Tan and Cat Linh primary schools visited the Vietnam Women’s Museum (VWM) on April 4th. The VWM in collaboration with Vietnam Nation Tuong Theatre conducted age-appropriate extracurricular activities that included watching of Tuong performances.

With the enthusiastic guidance of the museum’s tour guides, the teachers and pupils had an interesting time experiencing the contents of the museum. Especially exciting was the Tuong Theatre performance. The students enjoyed drumming and music from the Tuong Theatre’s colorfully costumed artists. They also enjoyed traditional dramas. During the performances as “Wrestling”, “The Old Man Who Carried His Young Wife on His Back to the Festival” and “The Unicorn Mother has a Baby”, pupils watched with concentration and shouted for joy at the humorous performances of interesting moments. The highlight of the performance was interesting when the artist showed their faces after performing “One Plays Two Roles” and the appearance of the lovely little unicorn.

The model of visiting the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in conjunction with watching Tuong performance art has opened a new direction for the museum in organizing educational activities for pupils. Through this extra-curricular program, pupils not only gain knowledge about the culture, and the history of Vietnamese women but also have the exciting experiences of exploring.

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