Impression on “Dien Bien Memories” and “Epic of Dien Bien”

Impression on “Dien Bien Memories” and “Epic of Dien Bien”

Although the gala night “Epic of Dien Bien” is scheduled to be open at 20.00 p.m., at 19.00 p.m., the first floor of the National Conference Hall was full of people who arrived earlier to visit the exhibition “Dien Bien Memories” organized by the Vietnamese Women’s Museum.




Visitors expressed their great interest through their eye glints, hot discussions, and drops of tears of aged visitors when seeing emotional stories on love, companion-in-arms, and silent sacrifices of women that took part in the Dien Bien Phu Campaign. In particular, most of the visitors were impressed by artifacts and black and white portraits of 20-year-old boys and girls who, for their strong patriotism and the pain of losing the country, have left their home to take part in the Dien Bien Phu Campaign. We have observed many visitors stay silent reading stories of historical witnesses – the key figures with their simple but very emotional life stories. Mr. Do Viet Hung, a visitor commented: “Tonight, I only intend to come here to enjoy the music program, but visiting the exhibition, I am really moved. The “Dien Bien Memories” reminds me of my father and other family members who took part in and made great sacrifices in the anti-French war of resistance. The VWM has collected and introduced many precious photos and interesting stories and this is of great significance. It is even more significant in the current situation when society in general and young people, in particular, seem to neglect history. I think the exhibition if held in many places, will certainly be more effective than many interesting historical books.”

In addition to the success of the Exhibition “Dien Bien Memories”, the gala night “Epic of Dien Bien” organized in the evening of April 26 with 20 golden voices from three generations of singers of revolutionary songs was very impressive to many audiences. The audiences had a chance to enjoy “golden voices” of singers from different generations such as People’s Artist Trung Kien, People’s Artist Quang Tho, People’s Artist Tran Hieu, People’s Artist Trung Duc, Artist of Merit Thu Hien, Artist of Merit Bich Viet, Artist of Merit Hoang Che and young singers such as Viet Hoan, Dang Duong, Tan Nhan, Anh Tho…

The gala night was resounded with revolutionary songs, love songs, and songs describing the battle of Dien Bien Phu boiling with the determination to win the atmosphere of our people and army. MC Nguyen Huu Chien Thang brought to the audiences a gala night full of memories and in praise of soldiers and laborers in the front line and people who were ready to share food and clothing with Dien Bien Phu soldiers for the great Dien Bien Phu Victory that resounds forever.



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