The Vietnam Womens Union organises the exhibition “Dien Bien Memories” in heroic Dien Bien City

The Vietnam Womens Union organises the exhibition “Dien Bien Memories” in heroic Dien Bien City

On The morning of 25th April 2014, the Vietnam Women’s Unions and the Vietnamese Women’s Museum delegation went to Dien Bien Phu which is a place that the country was focused on for the 60th Anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory, a shining golden landmark of history. This trip called “Pilgrimage” aims at conducting a visible work of all VWU’s activities: Organising the Exhibition: “Dien Bien Memories”.

The Exhibition “Dien Bien Memories” is the result of cooperation between the Vietnamese Women”s Museum and the Vietnam Military History Museum. With more hundreds of narratives, photos, objects belonging to historical witnesses who were chosen to introduce it, the exhibition presents real-life, daily activities, and an enthusiastic atmosphere and spirit of“All for the campaign”, of young women who are not afraid of difficulties and to try their utmost for the country. Visitors will be impressed simply and unforgettable by the “breezy youth” of young girls who were eager to take part in the campaign “The best happiness is to contribute their best for the nation”. Most of them are Hanoians, came from wealthy families but they left everything to participate in the campaign, to overcome the challenges to finish all assigned tasks.

The aspects of daily life and the silence of the war are also vividly reproduced through memories, of valuable photos and souvenirs related to the love of comrades and friendships, especially the love between soldiers both men and women who were Dien Bien soldiers. There is an emotional story of a groom who could not take the bride Nguyen Thi Hong Minh because “she had to serve for the campaign”. Instead of a wedding car, they used the tank to carry the bride Nguyen Thi Ngoc Toan.

The exhibition “Dien Bien Memories” also aroused national pride and encouraged women nationally to promote the “Dien Bien Thu” victory spirit, to dare to think and dare to do, united, dynamic, innovative, and which contributed effectively to the country’s progress; and to educate people especially the younger generation to develop a sense of deep gratitude for the past generations who sacrificed their lives for the liberation advancement of the nation.
 Besides organizing the exhibit at the Dien Bien Phu Victory Museum in Dien Bien City from April 28 to December 31, the exhibition is also organized at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum on May 6-31, 2014, and at the Vietnam National Convention Canter’s Lobby on the night of April 26th to present to the public who will enjoy the special music program: “Echoing Dien Bien Anthem” as well as organizing the exhibition “Dien Bien Memories”, the Vietnam Women’s Union also organizes a lot of activities which aim to influence and educate all generations of Vietnamese women about patriotic traditions, and arouse and promote the victory spirit of Dien Bien Thu to express profound gratitude to the generations who have lain down for the liberation of the nation.
There are activities such as:
• Inspiring the A1 and Him Lam Independence Cemetery on the morning of 28th April
• Meeting and talking with historical witnesses who took part in the Dien Bien Thu Campaign with the theme “Memory of Dien Bien – carrier for development” in Dien Bien Thu City
• Visiting and presenting gifts to the women’s union, policymakers’ families, the commune, key families in MoangPhang commune, Dien Bien district; commune women’s union, and Border posts in two communes in Nam Po district.



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