Trưng Vương Lower Secondary School children welcoming the Exhibition “Children in the Wartime”

Trưng Vương Lower Secondary School children welcoming the Exhibition “Children in the Wartime”

An exhibition “Children in Wartime” was opened on the morning of Nov. 18 and welcomed by children and teachers of Trưng Vương Lower Secondary School during the Flag saluting session on the occasion of the Vietnam Teachers’ Day. The Exhibition is jointly organized by the Vietnamese Women’s Museum (VWM) and Kim Đồng Publishing House.

Present at the opening ceremony were Ms. Nguyễn Hải Vân, VWM Deputy Director, Mr. Phạm Quang Vinh, Director of Kim Đồng Publishing House, Ms. Trần Thị Thanh Thảo, Schoolmaster of Trưng Vương Lower Secondary School and all its teachers and children.

On show are 73 photos truly and lively depicting “Children in Wartime” just like slow moving pictures helping children and visitors understand better the life full of difficulty, hardship and shortages faced by children; the moments coping with life and death in severe war conditions and experiences of happiness and simple and humble things of school-age children. The invaluable photos on show in the exhibition are of historical significance recording the past time of hardship, yet full of the souls and stuff of the Vietnamese people and nation and the smiles, determination, and passion of each person that were seen in every moment of life.

This might be the first time school children visit an exhibition spared for themselves right at their school. They are both strange and joyful in welcoming the exhibition, particularly in experiencing the straw hats that are most impressive to them. After visiting the exhibition, they write their own impressions on colorful cards.

I am very happy to visit the exhibition. I can see, understand, and feel the pride of fighters who have laid down their lives for the nation and learned more about the circumstances of material insufficiency, hardship, and suffering. Thus I love and respect more the plentiful life of today.” (Lê Đức Long, Grade 7A1)

The exhibition helps me understand better the living and schooling conditions in the resistance war and the studiousness of our friends during that time. I look forward to more exhibitions like this so that we, school children have more opportunities to learn about our national history.” (Nhật Mai)

When putting on a straw hat, I feel the hardship and insufficiency faced by children in the wartime” (P.V.L)

It is hoped that children, the future young shoots of the nation will be the pride of all generations of the country.

Photos on the opening of the Exhibition “Children in Wartime” at Trưng Vương Lower Secondary School:

Ms. Nguyễn Hải Vân, VWM Deputy Director delivering the opening remarks

School children attending the opening ceremony

Children visiting the exhibition


Black and white photos very attractive to school children

Trying straw hats on
 Writing impressions
Reading impressions written by other fiends
(The photos displayed at the exhibition were taken by reporters from Vietnam News Agency, Nihon Denpa News – Japan, and Young Pioneer Newspaper) 


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