Vietnamese Women’s Museums’ Activities response to the International Museums Day 18th May 2014.

Vietnamese Women’s Museums’ Activities response to the International Museums Day 18th May 2014.

Every year since 1977 the International Council of Museums (ICOM) established International Museum Day which is organized around 18th May by museums from all over the world. This year, in the ICOM’s opinion, the Museum is a cultural organization which has responsibilities for the preservation of and connection between the present and the past through the museums’ collections. Therefore, the ICOM’s 2014 theme, “Museum collections make connections”, aims at renovating traditional methods of engagement adopted by museums in order to remain relevant to their stakeholders and all cultures throughout the world.

In response to this spirit based on the oriented activities commemorating International Women’s Day of the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum held a series of special significant activities in May as follows:

* Organize the traveling exhibition “Women in War” in many primary and secondary schools in Ha Noi. It is coordinated by the Vietnamese Women’s Museum and Kim Dong Publishing House. With more than 73 realistic images, the exhibition helped students understand the hardships and deprivations and moments that the children who lived during the war endured, torn between life and death in the extreme circumstances of wartime. They also felt joy from little and simple things in their life during the fierce wartime in which they lived. The exhibition has been displayed at some schools such as Ngo Thi Nham Primary School, Van Ho Secondary School, To Hoang Primary and Secondary School, Olympia Schools, Experimental School, Le Van Tam Primary School, Tran Nhat Duat Secondary School, etc.

Students at To Hoang Primary School visiting the exhibition

* Organize the exhibition “Memory of Dien Bien”: The exhibition will be displayed based on the narrators’ recollections from historical female witnesses who served for the Dien Bien Phu Campaign, an event of historical importance and an unparalleled feat of our military and of people in the French Resistance war associated with General Vo Nguyen Giap to upstream history: Civilians, women and, the military struggled bravely to overcome hardships and difficulties in the spirit of comradeship and together shared hardships and difficulties in both civil and military campaigns cooperatively as team-mates and with comradeship and love, etc.
The exhibition will be cooperated between the Vietnamese Women’s Museum and the Vietnam Military History Museum to organize at three places: Vietnam National Convention Center’s Lobby on the night of April 26th to serve for the public who will enjoy the special music program: Echoing Dien Bien anthers; the Victory Dien Bien’s Museum at Dien Bien Phu City from April 28 to the end of the year 2014, and at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum on May 6th, 2014.
Besides these two activities, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum is open free of charge to the public on 18th May to encourage visitors to come to the Museum, as well as marking an important day in the community of museums all over the world, International Museum Day, 18th May.


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