Discover social issues through exhibits

The museum is not only a place for collecting, displaying historical artifacts, but it also reflects current social issues through its exhibits.

At the museum, the educational programme with the theme “Find out social issues through permanent exhibitions or temporary exhibitions” will provide a good possibility for students to enhance their awareness, and it also shows their opinions and voices related to each social issue. From students’ opinions, we sometimes know that we must listen to the kids more and understand more about their thoughts on that issue.

The educational programme: “Find out social issues through permanent exhibitions or temporary exhibitions” is designed to help students develop their thought processes and debating skills when they face issues and improve their skills in teamwork and presentation.

Available Themes

  • Looking up more about Children’s Rights.

Children can fnd out more about children’s rights through accurate images which show daily life of Vietnamese children in the war in the exhibit “Children in War time”

  • Find out more about urban immigration.

The exhibit “Street Vendors” brings an opportunity for kids to find out and discuss about urban immigration issues, such as its reasons, and its effects by showing female street vendors.

“Beauty and Character” and a lesson of different appreciation and respect. The theme “Women’s fashion” displays details of techniques which make diversified beauty of costumes of ethnics in Vietnam and the concept of traditional beauty making. From then on, students can understand what the character is and respect personal differences and eradicate the distance from oneself and school violence.