‘Rendezvous between the old and the new’ – an exhibition promoting and preserving traditional values

Over the years, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum has created spaces for young artists to show their creativity in many artistic fields including fashion design, photography and painting with the purpose of promoting and preserving traditional values in the hustle of modern society.

On the afternoon of December 7th 2019, the opening ceremony of the exhibition ‘Rendezvous between the old and the new’ was organized at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, introducing 20 traditional folk paintings created in a new and unique style by the young artist, Xuan Lam. The exhibition displays impressive works from the artist including re-interpretations of ‘The Crane’ a folk painting used for worshipping purposes, the Dong Ho folk painting ‘Mice pick up a Dragon’ and the Hang Trong folk painting ‘Five Tigers’. Xuan Lam has also included several female figures that appear in the traditional folk paintings in his paintings, such as ‘Four Female Musicians’, ‘Princess of the Forest’, ‘Trung Vuong Uprising’ and more.

“I have been passionate about folklore and have been experimenting with this line of painting for three years. My exhibition promises to go beyond the confines of paper and get closer to viewers visually. I hope that after viewing my works, each of us will understand more about the traditional values and realize that they are still intact regardless of time.” Xuan Lam.

The exhibition creates a rendezvous between the past and the present, where traditional and modern artistic values meet through the skill of the artist Xuan Lam. The exhibition promises to be a perfect gathering spot for young artists and art lovers in Hanoi.

Below are photos taken at the opening ceremony.

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