Meeting and talking with persons who lived and fought for peace and independence of the nation for oversea visitors

Meeting and talking with persons who lived and fought for peace and independence of the nation are familliar with local people. However, international visitors are really interested in this topic. VWM has designed an experience and interactive programme for persons who want to understand more about Vietnamese history and culture, especially women’s stories as well as their crucial roles during the nation’s building and defence.

On the afternoon September 24, 2019, the event “Singing at the Battlefield” was held by VWM for teachers and students visiting from Swinburne University (Australia). They had a chance to meet and talk with two female singers who took part in the army in the Restistance War.  The event provided an opportunity to learn more about their lives, their tasks and their difficulties when they were female singers on the battlefield. The two women singers enthusiastically shared their stories which are similar to stories of all young Vietnamese people at that time. The Australian students, studying sociology, asked these historical witnesses: “Why did you join the army?”; “What were motivations that helped you overcome challenges during the wartime?” “Did you have any psychological trauma from the battlefield?”

Atmosphere of the Meeting with Historical witnesses

VWM hosted a one hour talk for historical witnesses and students and professors from an Australian University.  This event also attracted other individuals.  Even though the participants were from two different genenations, two different countries and two different circumstances, they left with the same feeling of empathy and understanding. This interactive experience provided a deep connection between the historical witnesses and visitors. Visitors were inspired by historical witnesses’ memories and the historical characters were brought back to their unforgetable memory and it seems that age is no longer present on their grey hair.


“It is really meaningful to me, a wonderful program. Talking with them helps me understand their tasks at the battlefield, and the bravery, and strength of Vietnamese women”

“I am absolutely inspired by these old women. Hearing their memories helps me understand how much they loved their job during the war”

“Eventhough I have visited your museum before and heard these stories,, I am very moved when hearing the stories directly from the women. I understand more about the power of your country and its people”

These are some thoughts of Australian students. Professor Julian, a lecturer at Swinburne University gave his opinions: “This is a very well organized programme, with great content and amazing historical witnesses. You provided an invaluable experience for my students .”



Exchange between historical witnesses and visitors

VWM will continue to design diversified themes to meet visitors’ needs when they are at the museum.

Teacher and students from Swinburne University (Australia) taking photo with two historical witnesses at VWM.

Some photos at the talk:

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